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“I have been “in the business” for 15 years now. I spent 10 years with one office, and one brokerage but since then, I have moved around. I became a part of Sellstate Realty Pros in December of 2016, and in just these few short weeks, I have become just as excited about my career and the road ahead as I was that day in 2002 that I became licensed. Michael is building the type of office that you want to be a part of, you want to attend the meetings….regardless of if you are a new agent, or seasoned agent take the time to have a conversation with Michael. It will be worth your while.”


“I’ve had my license for over 13 years and been in the real estate industry even longer! I’ve held my license at my own brokerage, in a small investor focused brokerage firm, and a large local brokerage office. When I made the decision and commitment it was time to really move my career forward the choice that became so very obvious was to move to Sellstate Realty Pros! Absolutely the BEST move I’ve made for my career! The programs, splits, training and office atmosphere are the best! I love love love all the training, cooperation and sharing that happens at Sellstate! Build the team, build the company, build the brand! Real Estate done the right way!!!!”

Carl Svanstrom

Associate Broker

“The BEST decision in my real estate career was my changing brokerage to Sellstate Realty Pros. It is not only their great lead generation software, extremely favorable commission splits(Even for new agents) No Caps and many, many other benefits but Michael Lunden as an owner/managing broker is always available and to help answer calls whether it is weekend late at night Michael cares and will make sure that deals get closed.”
Nash Cotham reviewed Sellstate Realty Pros5 star

“After years in a retail world, working in various capacities with Operations, Management, Human Resources, and Customer Focus, I made a decision to take a step into a new direction to utilize these skills that I have grown to love. I wanted to provide a huge shout out to Sellstate Realty Pros for offering the perfect direction for me to take. What a great group of people and what an outstanding company to become involved with.

All of those things I loved in my previous work experience are represented here. One of the biggest key factors for me is the Culture and Environment of a group that you work with. Sellstate Realty Pros provides an outstanding focus on both Culture and Environment. Everyone has been so incredibly helpful and kind in the process of going above and beyond to help me get started on this path.

Great Team and Amazing Environment! I am incredibly Grateful!”

Mary Hobmann

“Sellstate Realty Pros has already been a great place to start my career as a Real Estate Agent. They have implemented so many programs and training courses to get a new agent up and running. I also love that Michael creates a real interactive team environment by getting the agents involved in projects that assist with continuing growth, while utilizing each persons areas of expertise and knowledge to do so. Michael is always accessible for guidance and assistance, and that’s what makes him such an excellent Managing Broker.”
Craig Adelman reviewed Sellstate Realty Pros5 star

“I have had the honor to work with the Sellstate team as a lender partner and this is an amazing top tier professional Brokerage top to bottom. Thanks Team!”

Beth Anne Demeter


“I’m flattered and humbled to be part of the Sellstate team. Michael Lunden is an inspiring leader who is growing a dedicated business team. While focus is placed on increasing transaction volume, there is also a strong team focus where the agents enjoy collaborating! The training structure, financial incentives and professionalism all make me proud to be call myself a Sellstate agent!”

Tawn Miller

Associate Broker

“I am proud to be a part of the Sellstate Realty Pros family! I can honestly say I have gotten support from Michael personally on every question I have ever had. Michael has over 20 year experience in the Denver area and has an answer for every scenario I have encountered in this ever changing market. Michael’s availability to myself and all the agents within the brokerage is unmatched in this industry. The abundance of training provided within the office is also a huge determining factor in the rapid success of newer joining agents. If your looking for a brokerage willing to invest the time it takes into building your own Real Estate business, look no further than Sellstate Realty Pros.”

Danielle Dolan reviewed Sellstate Realty Pros5 star

“Being a part of the Sellstate team has been one of the best decisions in my real estate career. At Realty Pros, Michael has been a great employing broker. He is ALWAYS available, gives valuable guidance and is an open leader. The culture at the office is fun and encouraging. I have learned so much and look forward to the many more years to come! If you are looking into real estate for a career, I highly recommend joining us. If you are looking for your real estate needs to be met (buying or selling), we are the place that will get it done right!”

“Of all the companies I met, I was most impressed with Sellstate Realty Pros. The tools they provide are top notch, but the biggest factor for me was the personal feeling. I didn’t want to be just another license on the wall, I wanted somewhere with solid mentorship and training and I definitely got that. I’m very excited for my future with Sellstate.”

Tina Colby

Broker Associate

“I recommend Sellstate Realty Pros to anyone that is new or seasoned! I have had my license for a little over a year. I worked with another agency and felt as though I was pushed aside because I was new, they never had time for me to explain anything. Sellstate Realty Pros took me in and I have learned so much, when you fill out your contracts they take time to go over it with you and help you understand what the contract means! I am now on my 3rd contract in the short time I have been with them. They are ALWAYS a phone call away and everyone who is with Sellstate Realty Pros makes you feel welcome and we all work as a team!”

“Pretty cool to be able to give a shout out to Michael Lunden at Sellstate Realty Pros here.

I just now received a compliment from the managing broker of another firm, who happens to represent the seller of the home my buyers are under contract on. The broker said she actually told her seller that, “This guy (meaning me) writes a tight contract. Whoever trained him did a really good job.”

So, thank YOU, Michael, for all the training and making me look good to everyone else I do business with!

For those who don’t already know him, I can tell you Michael is as thorough, knowledgeable, and professional as they come. He is always available to answer my calls, emails, and texts. I do not believe I could have picked a better office in which to begin my real estate career.

Thank you!”


Jenna Osborne

Broker Associate

“Sellstate Realty Pros is really an amazing office. Everyone works together as a team and helps each other brainstorm new ideas to implement into their business. Not to mention the amazing technology package you get when working with Sellstate. It has all been so helpful to me while growing my business. Michael Lunden the managing broker is always available when you need him. His experience and knowledge has taught me so much and helped me through a few touch situations. I wouldn’t be doing the level of business I am with less than 2 years in the business if it weren’t for him, his guidance and positive reinforcement to keep me striving for more.”

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