Agent Asset Development Program

Sellstate’s Agent Asset Development Program was truly designed for the benefit of our agents. Under the program, Sellstate pays 100% commission; 95% to the transaction agent and 5% to the sponsoring agent in the form of monthly income.

This isn’t a complicated multi-level marketing formula where only the few at the top of the pyramid are rewarded. It’s a real opportunity to earn real monthly income for life. By recruiting quality agents to the Sellstate family, you’ll improve the quality of your life in a secure, risk-free program that was built to deliver long-term financial security for our agents.

AAD Program Benefits

SIMPLICITY: Recruit an agent and earn 5% sponsoring bonus of that agent’s commission, period.
RISK-FREE: The sponsoring bonus is not affected by the profitability (or lack thereof) of the office.
LONG-TERM: The AAD Program is vested, which means you will be able to continue to receive your 5% sponsoring bonus even after you retire from the business.
UNLIMITED POTENTIAL: There is no cap on the amount you can earn from the AAD Program. The more agents you sponsor, the greater the monthly income you can generate.
DIRECT: There is no multi-level marketing aspect to the AAD Program where only the top people on the top profit. Every agent is provided an equal opportunity to earn a monthly income.
INSTANT: Begin earning income as the recruited agent closes transactions.
COMPANY-WIDE: You may recruit agents into any Sellstate office nationwide.
PORTABLE: If you leave your existing Sellstate office to join another Sellstate office, you will continue to receive your monthly income.

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